Simplify Yourself

8 ways to help yourself simplify

Stop buying more stuff- Ask yourself , Do I really need this? Will it make my life better? Will I use this to make is worthwhile before I loose interest or store it?

Buy used instead of new- Do you have friends or neighbors that you could buy their stored stuff from them? New cars lose 30% of their value just driving them off the lot when bought, buy used.

Buy the basics- Do you need all the bells and whistles on the new pc that you buy? Do you watch all the TV channels you have bought?

Use up what you do have- Drive the car until fixing it is no longer a viable option to a used one. Don’t throw away the shirt just because it is missing a button.

Recycle, if you can’t reuse- This goes for clothes, electronics, and household items. Perhaps someone else can fix and use what you no longer can?

Cut down on waste- Bake more from scratch, instead of heating from a box, take cans, paper, glass to recycle centers.

Think smaller- From smaller portions on your plate and what you drink (do you really NEED the 64oz of soda pop?). Do you need extra room in a home? While home sizes have doubled since the baby boom, family size has decreased by half in that time as well. Do you need the SUV or would something smaller be fine?

Cut down on driving- Make your time away from the house more productive by running as many errands in one trip; Delaying the desire to get something immediately and pick it up when you have more errands to run.

My Shatner Does NOT Go To Eleven


As you can see, I’ve freshened up the place a little. Come on in. Kick off your shoes. Stay a while. Would you like a drink? I’ve got snacks… While finishing up my little redesign, I decided to check on my domain registration (good thing I did, cause it’s up at the end of the year). I also thought I’d check to see if was available, since I’ve become so accustomed to the moniker of BIYF. Sadly, it wasn’t. Curious as to what exactly it was, I visited the site. What I found, i can’t quite figure out. claims to be a ‘collective’ of people, mostly friends, who share similar interests, hobbies, tastes, and like to drink a lot of beer. They even have annual, um, conventions. Now, I could be way off base here, but I’m not entirely sure that the mixing of alcoholic beverages with experimental rocketry, dog feeding, Star Trek discussion and medieval jousting is such a good idea. Just sayin…

Earlier this evening, just after I’d gotten OH-so-comfy in my favorite TV watching chair (ok, my only TV watching chair) to enjoy the WPT Championship on my Tivo (clearly the single greatest invention of our age), I carelessly reached towards the side table for my glass of Ginger Ale (clearly the finest of the carbonated beverages) and accidentally knocked over a brand new, just opened bag of Cheetos (clearly the finest snack in all the universe), all over the floor between the table and chair. Did I panic? Absolutely not. Did I follow proper protocol and adhere to the 5 second rule? Hell. No. Did I scoop up all but the smallest of crumbs and put them back into the bag, then proceed to eat said bag, entirely, in less than the time it took Phil Ivey to get distracted by Shana Hiatt’s “bullets” and go all in with nothing but a little suited connector? You bet your sweet, cheesy ass I did!

For Your Valuable Animal Friend

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Where do you want to go?

In reading several “personal success” books lately they all seem to have a theme that I had never really thought of. Besides the usual take action, persists, be unwavering etc…, the theme that catches my attention is that you and I have the ability to make choices that will lead to an outcome.

This is powerful when you think about your goals for your future. Where do you want your business to be in 1 year, five years, or longer? What steps will it take for you to get there? The books often emphasize that you are where you are now due to the decisions you made earlier. If you look back you should be able to recognize some milestones or turning points where things went right or wrong. Take that concept and look forward.

What must you do, learn, achieve, react to, forgive, believe, or obtain in order to obtain your future goals? In “The Travelers Gift” , Andy Andrews illustrates that Columbus had only his belief in a westward passage across the ocean to drive him onward and was nearly out of food when he found America. If an uneducated man in far less advanced society can discover a new world, what are you capable of?

Recommended Reading: Success Principles
How to get from where you are to where you want to be. by Jack Canfield. The Travelers Gift
Seven Decisions for Personal Success. By Andy Andrews

Productive or Wasted Time

While wasting a little time this afternoon I came across this Yahoo article “Tech Trends to watch in 2012″. I was enjoying reading their predictions until I got to this paragraph about the FireFox browser…  But it’s not just the program [FireFox] that turns heads; since the program facilitates third-party add-ons, hundreds of developers have released their own tweaks to the tool, making it an ideal device for frittering away time.
And as much as I like to fiddle with things, wasting time fidgeting with my browser is lowest on my list. It made me think about other ways we waste time rather than be productive in marketing our businesses. How do you put off doing those tasks you know you should be doing to build relationships, contact customers, or informing the world of your existence?

For Your Best Buddy

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